Professional Power Pulls

72A 2-Ton Power Pull
Cable Limiter, Keeps Two Wraps Of Cable On The Ratchet Wheel
Releases Load One Notch At A Time
12-Foot Pull
Meets OSHA Specs
Meets ASME Spec B30.21-1999
6-Foot Pull
Makes Tough Projects An Easy, One-Person Job
One Piece Pulley Wheel, For Longer Cable Life
Cast Aluminum Ratchet Wheel
Zinc Plated For Rust Resistance
Galvanized Aircraft Cable
Contour Grip
Drop Forged Steel Safety Hooks
72A 2-Ton Power Pull 36:12 Ton6'3/18"8.1 lbs
144D Convertible 36:12 Ton6'3/16"8.9 lbs
144BX Box Car 18:11 Ton6'3/16"9.0 lbs
72 18:11 Ton6'3/16"6.9 lbs
108 18:11 Ton9'3/16"7.1 lbs
384 18:11/2 Ton32'1/8"7.4lbs
180 18:11400 lbs15'5/32"7.1 lbs
216 18:1 1400 lbs18'5/32"7.3 lbs

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