Our Displays

Here is a general idea of how our displays should be set up in your store.
We have two type of displays, a chain product display and a power pull display. Please contact us for information on ordering our displays.

Convenient to display in any store

Professional PP-1 Display includes
(3)Model 72A 2 ton power pull
(4)Model 144 1 ton power pull
(3)Model PP7008 fence & wire grip
(3)Model PP7007 hand clamp

Suggested basic mix for CH-1 display
Can be customized & labeled for each customer's needs

CH-1 Display includes
(2)Model 605 3/4 ton chain puller
(2)Model 615 1 1/2 ton chain puller
(2)Model 405 1/2 ton chain block
(2)Model 410 1 ton chain block
(2)Model 72A 2 ton power pull
(2)Model 18600 2 ton cable puller
(2)Model 15002 3 ton heavy duty cable puller
(2)Model 13050 3/8" load binder
(2)Model 13070 3/8" ratchet load binder
(2)Model 14100 4 ton power jack

Standard PP-1 Display includes
(4)Model 18600 2 ton cable puller
(3)Model 18500 1 ton calbe puller
(2)Model PP7134 engine lift sling
(2)Model PP7136 engine lift combo

(actual product assortment may vary from pictured)