Web Straps

Tie Downs, Tow Straps, and Lift Slings
Made From Heavy Polyester And Nylon Webbing
Lifting Sling Has A Special Red Core To Indicate Excessive Wear
Lift Sling Has 5 to 1 Safety Factor As Required By OSHA
Tie Downs Have Vinyl Covered Hoods And Non-Slip Cam Buckle
DescriptionCapacityWidth x LengthWeight
16000 Tow Strap10,000 lbs1 3/4" x 15'2.0 lbs
16100 Tow Strap10,000 lbs1 3/4" x 25'2.6 lbs
16200 Lift Sling7,600 lbs1" x 8'1.0 lbs
16400 Tie Down2,500 lbs1" x 9'1.2 lbs
16450 Tie Down1,800 lbs1" x 10'1.2 lbs
16500 Tie Down1,200 lbs1" x 15'1.3 lbs
16550 Tie Down2,400 lbs1" x 5 1/2'2.1 lbs pair
16600 Ratchet Tie Down3,000 lbs1" x 16'1.5 lbs
Ratchet and Truck Load Binder
Extra Heavy Duty Polyester Webbing
Ratchet Binder Is Extra Wide To Accommodate A Gloved Hand
DescriptionCapacityWidth x LengthWeight
16300 Ratchet Binder6,000 lbs1 3/4" x 15'3.3 lbs
16700 Ratchet Binder10,000 lbs2" x 30' 6.1 lbs
16727 Flat Hook Binder10,000 lbs2" x 30'6.1 lbs
16827 Flat Hook Binder15,000 lbs4" x 27'4.1 lbs
16828 Delta Ring Binder20,000 lbs4" x 27'4.7 lbs
16800 Winch20,000 lbsN/A9.9 lbs
16805 Winch BarN/AN/A5.2 lbs

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